oThere are situations in which our private investigators Dallas TX specialists are ready to assist!

Here are some of these cases:

Locating Somebody

Private InvestigatorsWhen you have finally decided to get a divorce, first things first, you must have your spouse served. This is quite difficult if you have not been in contact and do not know where your spouse is. Another case is when you need to locate a witness. There will be times when a witness or a defendant will intentionally avoid being located because they do not want to be brought in court. These are instances that a Private Investigator can help locate an individual and identify a recent address. The Private Investigator can also do a background check to find old addresses or phone numbers that can help locate an individual.

Locating a Property

In most divorce cases you may need to learn about properties of your spouse and you’ll be surprised that some do have properties that are hidden. Private Investigators are able to research property records for previous and currently owned properties. They can analyze mortgages which pertain to property holdings or identify property transactions. They can also help determine the current fair market value of different kinds of property, including real property. When individual files for bankruptcy, a private Investigator can retrieve and analyze the data related to the bankruptcy. He can also analyze corporate records, assess the business’ value and determine whether or not any business assets have been sold with the price below the fair market value.

Collecting of Evidence

In most civil cases, you may need to know more about a person. Your spouse for instance and whether or not he has been an infidel. Private Investigators can conduct surveillance to uncover such illicit behavior. Fraudulent marriages may also be located by a private investigator. They may request government agencies to collect information about a certain individual. In child custody cases, a private investigator may investigate on who is actually providing supervision and care of the children. They can look at social media networks and on message boards for any useful information. Private Investigators may conduct surveillance by taking photos of an individual and track his whereabouts via mobile or electronic devices.

Background Data

A background check may be conducted by a Private Investigator. He may locate local, state and/or federal arrest records. He can also look for civil filings made against or made by the individual.

Lawyer’s Assistance

Private Investigators are sometimes hired to help civil or criminal defense lawyers on other aspects of a case. An example would be a Private Investigator conducting an independent investigation of the evidence, such as gathering evidence about a vehicular accident like photos, vehicle parts and he can even interview witnesses in order to reach his own conclusion. By this evidence, a lawyer then determines how to handle the gathered information. Another example is when they are needed to assist in business fraud cases by posing as an interested party in an illegal practice. Private Investigators may also be hired by insurance companies to investigate a victim claiming to have suffered a disability but his social media pages reveal otherwise.

Specific Assistance

Any individual may hire one of our private investigator Dallas specialists if they believe it will benefit their case or if they need the Private investigation agency for a particular reason. Just remember the services that each Private Investigator offers vary by location. Our office also provides armed security guards in Dallas.

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