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Top Technology Used for Surveillance Cases. Workmans Comp Fraud, Theft Surveillance. Our Dallas PI surveillance tools get the results you need.

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Our Dallas Bodyguards can provide 24-7 personal protection anywhere at anytime.

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Unlike most private investigators in Dallas, our results are extremely successful and quick.
Top Technology Used for Surveillance Cases. Workmans Comp Fraud, Infidelity & Theft Surveillance.
Our Dallas Bodyguards can provide 24-7 personal protection anywhere at anytime.
Unlike most private investigators in Dallas, our results are extremely successful and quick.

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Dallas Private Investigator & Dallas Body Guard License State of Texas #C18098 exp 7/31/2023.

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What Our Clients Say

Scott Risch
Scott Risch
14:10 29 May 20
Excellent customer service and unbelievably fast! Thanks!
Gto Quicklube
Gto Quicklube
17:50 13 May 20
Highly satisfied. Recommend for any business or personal needs
Kenneth Phipps
Kenneth Phipps
20:33 09 Feb 20
You never know who to trust in life, but these guys are awesome and did a fantastic job for me and for that I will... always be grateful to you!read more
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
15:57 02 Jan 20
PI did great work and was very professional. Will definitely recommend to others who need this service.
Yvette Gonzalez
Yvette Gonzalez
20:52 19 Dec 19
Highly recommend this company. The PI was very good at maintaining communication with me throughout the entire... investigation. Very professional and more
Noor Affouri
Noor Affouri
22:42 11 Dec 19
Yes please
19:37 07 Sep 19
Very happy with their services. Timely, professional and always responsive. We have used several firms before and this... company by far was superior. We will be back!! Thank you again to the whole more
Damon Manning
Damon Manning
15:13 23 Sep 18
Aces was effective in helping me with a situation. They had a lot of technology they used too, I was surprised!
mighty L
mighty L
22:34 06 Sep 18
I never thought I would need the assistance of a PI but there I was. Very professional, quick to gather information,... and at a reasonable price. I'm glad I was referred to ACES. Dodged a bullet!read more
StemCell USA
StemCell USA
03:51 28 Nov 17
Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys at Aces Dallas. Thanks for the great work you did, and manageged to save me... from a very costly divorce. So more
dianne costa
dianne costa
03:54 08 Jul 17
CEMA's experience with Aces is that of a seamless process. Various services offered by Aces have been utilized in... serving our clients. Their fees are competitive and their personnel more
Daryl S
Daryl S
20:45 06 Jul 17
I was very pleased with my experience. Very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend their services.
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ACES Private Investigator Dallas & Executive Protection offers a full range of security services to include personal, business, Corporate, Executive Protection, and small businesses in Dallas. With offices across Texas, ACES has the manpower to cover all of your needs. This growing company respects the confidentiality of each client and ensures that you will be treated like family with a staff that is well versed in customer service. Each client receives personalized attention with direct contact to the private investigator in Dallas assigned to their case. Get in touch with a Dallas Private Investigator today for a free quote on your case.

Dallas Private Investigation Services

Missing Persons

We have the resources and the personnel necessary to find whoever it is you’re looking for, regardless of where they might be in the country.

Whether it’s a long-lost relative, an old friend from high school or even a former co-worker who you’d just like to share your big business idea with, ACES Private Investigations Dallas can find them for you.

Our experienced Dallas Private Investigators know how to use available databases and reports to gather information, and are highly skilled in following through and finding people through many different means.

We can then make contact with the person ourselves, or turn the information over to you so you can take the next step secure in the realization that it is indeed the person you’ve been trying to find.

There are many on-line organizations who say they can locate missing persons for you, but we’ve done it time and time again and have the track record you need to ensure that your money will be well spent.

So if you need to locate someone in the United States, give us a ring and put our team of highly skilled investigators to work for you.

Background Checks

There are many reasons why you may need a background check performed on an individual or a company, and you want to be sure that these are being done in the proper way.

There are many times in life when a background check is necessary to keep you, your family, your company and your life safe from dangerous and/or untrustworthy individuals. And it’s our job to make sure that this is taken into account and handled professionally.

We provide comprehensive services in this and many other areas, and we are quite thorough in our investigating.

We conduct our background checks through many different means, including address history reports, criminal history reports, civil history reports and several others to ensure that you’re getting the best possible overview of the person or business you’re gathering information on.

When you need a professional, thorough and complete background check completed, hiring a Dallas Private Investigator through ACES Private Investigations is always the right choice.

So call us today and let our on-staff investigators get to work on your behalf.


One of the most common and popular jobs of any private investigation agency is doing surveillance on a number of subjects and for a number of reasons. Our Dallas Private Investigators are experts and have proven techniques in surveillance. 

And that’s certainly the case at ACES Private Investigations, where a good portion of our work falls under this category.

We train our investigators in many modern and different methods of surveillance, using state-of-the-art equipment and the newest techniques to keep track of whoever it is you’re wanting to keep an eye on.

So whether you suspect a spouse of cheating, or putting your children’s lives in danger, or even in cases of fraud, a Dallas Private Investigator hired through ACES Private Investigations will stay on the job until your case is resolved, regardless of which way the investigation leads.

We take photos and videos and even obtain audio recordings, if done so in accordance with the law in the jurisdiction in which we’re operating. We even use modern day technology like GPS tracking devices (read more about this in the GPS section of this website) to track and record where the subject is on any given day and at any given time.

We can also testify in court, if needed and requested, to present evidence on behalf of our clients.

Contact us today and see first-hand what ACES Private Investigations can do for you.

Divorce & Child Custody

Divorces are obviously very common in the United States and they can often get ugly, particularly when the custody of children is involved and being fought over.

These can be especially sensitive cases, and our investigators are trained to handle them with the utmost care and respect. Children are innocent in whatever it is going on between mother and father, so investigating one spouse without having an adverse impact on the children is of paramount importance.

That being said, the information still needs to be gathered in a way that will help our clients win their divorce and custody cases. And we work diligently to ensure a positive outcome.

Our investigations in this area encompass several different means and methods, including surveillance techniques, records checks, court testimony and whatever else is necessary to paint the required picture for our clients.

If there’s a question of the children’s safety, then this is an issue we take very seriously at ACES Private Investigations. It’s important to gather as much information on behalf of our clients in any investigation, but the ultimate safety of children is something that every investigator on our staff keeps in the forefront of their minds, especially in these types of cases.

Hire a Dallas Private Investigator who you can trust and will work hard on your behalf. Call us today and let us get to work for you.

Executive Protection & Security

If you’re in need of protection, we have a number of skilled professionals on our staff who can provide bodyguard and protective services for you.

Whether it’s a stalker or an ex, or whatever the reason, members of our team can remain with you during any time of the day that you feel you need protection. And we can be as discreet or as out in the open as you like.

Your personal safety will be of our utmost importance at ACES Private Investigations. Whenever you need us and for whatever reason, we’ll be by your side offering you that much-needed level of personal safety and peace of mind.

Most of our investigators are licensed to carry firearms in the State of Texas and will be fully armed, if you choose that scenario. On the other hand, if you’d rather the investigator not have a gun strapped to his waist, then he can leave his weapon at home or in the office.

We’re here to work for you and ensure your safety, and will work within the scope and qualifications of the job which you set forth for us on Day One

So if you feel your personal safety may be in jeopardy, give us a call today and put us to work on your case. You can’t go wrong hiring a Dallas Private Investigator from ACES Private Investigations.

GPS Tracking

One of the more modern and most popular methods for keeping track of someone or something these days is via the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which can monitor someone using a device that is basically a satellite-based surveillance system.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and surveillance techniques via GPS to track someone 24 hours a day by means of a small device placed on the subject’s vehicle. Through this technology, we’ll know where the person has gone at every moment of every day, or at least during the times when he or she is using a personal vehicle.

We can monitor the subject’s activity and dispatch an investigator immediately if a location paramount to the investigation pops up on the screen. We can also provide a daily record of every place the subject has travelled to on any given day.

This is a great and very modern way of surveilling someone and is legal in most cases. There are some exceptions, however, and we can go over those with you during our initial meeting.

We use GPS in many of our cases at ACES Private Investigations, and we’re very good at gathering information using this state-of-the-art technology.

Give us a ring today and we’d be happy to meet with you and give you a personal demonstration of this technology and how it works.

Workman Compensation Fraud

Worker’s compensation fraud is a much more common issue in the United States than many people are aware of. And it’s growing more with each passing year, and as more people learn how to use the system to their advantage.

So if you suspect someone is cheating you and your company via a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim, put us on the case and we’ll begin looking into it immediately on your behalf.

Our Dallas Private Investigators at ACES Private Investigations are experts in discreetly and efficiently handling these types of cases using several different types of surveillance and reporting techniques.

Photos, videos and other information can be gathered and presented to the client. And we’ll remain on the case as long as necessary to either prove or disprove the worker’s compensation claim.

Other techniques at our disposal, which we can also use if needed, include GPS tracking, background checks and many others, depending on the case and how it’s moving forward.

This can be a very costly crime and can be very damaging to a company if left unchecked, so put us to work on your behalf today and let us look into the matter. If the worker’s compensation case actually proves to be valid, you’ll at least achieve some peace of mind. And if the opposite is proven, your company will save some money and you might even have a criminal and/or civil case to pursue.

We have conducted thousands of investigation cases throughout the State of Texas. In our experiences with both high and low level clients, each one was never treated differently. We are compassionate, caring, and selfless when it comes to each individual case. ACES has thousands of dollars in high tech equipment ensuring surveillance cases always deliver high resolution images, video, and audio. If you are looking for the right level of experience and the best technology in today’s world, ACES detectives can deliver the results you are looking for. As a professional Private Investigator in Dallas, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to our clients at an affordable rate. While finding a Dallas Private Investigator may be easy, the rates some investigators may charge are hard on the wallet. As a licensed Texas Dallas Private Investigator, ACES understands the importance of delivering a thorough investigation no matter the size or scale. View some of our news videos below on local Texas news channels to see our professional staff at work. If you are looking for a Dallas Private Investigation firm, you should contact ACES Private Investigator Dallas today.
Contact one of our Private Investigators in Dallas TX to assist with any of the following needs: Dallas Bodyguard, background checks, elderly abuse cases, cheating spouses, theft investigations, fraud as well as crime, surveillance services for your home or business. We provide executive protection for VIP, families, apartment buildings, estates, and commercial buildings. All of our services are professional and confidential. When you are seeking personal protection for the most important things in your life such as your family or your business contact ACES.

Our officers have experienced law enforcement officers with a strong desire to protect your most valued assets. If you are seeking the truth, we can help you to uncover even the most closely guarded secrets. Our ACES Dallas Private Investigator firm is THE company for discreet, professional and solid private investigations.

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