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Trust is the key in any relationship and it is one of the most important things when seeking to hire private investigators in Dallas. At ACES Dallas PI, we consider the relationship between the client and our Dallas PI to be the most important relationship and encourage a one-on-one meeting to help to break the ice.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us at ACES Dallas PI and we strive to offer the best customer service along with our law enforcement service. Our officers are discreet, empathetic and caring with the ability to treat each client as family. When hiring a Dallas PI from ACES you are no longer in danger or in risk of injury or harm because you are no longer alone. Our trained officers understand the law, they understand the importance of gathering information for criminal cases and know how to obtain this information without putting you at risk.

The entire process is completely confidential. Our officers are specially trained, dedicated and committed to discovering the truth for your peace of mind. You will receive up to date information on your case and have the opportunity for open communication with the officer assigned to your case.

Contact ACES Private Investigator Dallas for a free security consultation where we will determine your needs and assign the most highly trained officer to your case based on your specific needs. Our up-front costs will allow you to feel at ease knowing that the ACES Dallas PI branch is solely focused on uncovering the truth. All of ACES private investigators are licensed and fully capable of taking care of your needs. As the leader of a company, an elected official or a someone seeking safety looks to ACES Dallas PI to give you peace of mind with the personal protection offered by our officers.

ACES Dallas PI offers both full time and hourly bodyguard services and specializes in discreet tactics while ensuring your safety. ACES employs specially trained investigators in all areas of law enforcement to include hand to hand defense, armed combat, and situations that involve the protection with the use of weapons. ACES officers are trained to not only react to a threat but to be proactive in preventing possible threats. Speak to a Licensed Dallas PI officer today!

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